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We have a support team to support administrators, viewers and users

  • Telephone support for emergencies.

  • Ticket system for administrative support.

  • Support with remote access to your system.

  • Trainings

  • Upgrades without charge.

  • Permanent backup of all information.

Support Ticket:

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To generate a support ticket

To use remote support, it is necessary that you:​

  1. Download and install the TEAMVIEWER program. (Click on the icon TeamViewer).

  2. Open TeamViewer.

  3. During the support session, the technician can control your computer in full; as long as it is off the User Account Control. Otherwise, the assistance of the caller will be asked.

  4. We call you to tell us the ID and PASSWORD.

  5. It is recommended that the PC where the remote connection is established count with speakers and a microphone or, failing that, with a headband headset and microphone.

  6. At the end of the support session, remember to close TEAMVIEWER to complete remote support.