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Asercom Chile SpA is a company dedicated to the commercialization, development and integration of technological solutions for all types of organizations.

We offer integral solutions that allow the information to be captured in a precise and fast way, saving time, reducing costs and avoiding manual data loading processes, integrating the information obtained to existing systems or developing a software on demand. The advantage offered by our service is the possibility of accessing each of the projects we offer in a modular manner and integrating them into existing systems, thus avoiding large investments in software, hardware and personnel training.

The systems can also be supported on a website with multiple access possibilities within the user community or potential clients, in addition our processes and technological products can be integrated into a single website with friendly features.

In 2005 we started with our developments, today we have more than five hundred and fifty clients that guarantee our history.

We have specialized in the application of new technologies to the educational area, developing a system of correction and qualification of exams that is used in Chile and many countries in Latin America, this system called Markqual® is used in Armed Forces, Schools, Municipal Corporations, Institutes , Universities and Human Resources Management.

We also have Data Collection systems that are applied in construction mining, roads, psychological tests or surveys among many other applications.

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